Helping small businesses take flight.

I'VE BEEN THROUGH IT. I turned my passion into a business, twice! I founded two successful businesses: Wizard Craft Academy and this company, WINGS Marketing. During my more than 10-year career in marketing, I've learned from many experts in the field. One of them, Roy Williams, runs a highly sought after marketing school in Austin, Texas. He is a true marketing genius!

A brand isn't just about your logo, product or business name. The experience you provide to your customers, how they feel about you and your product, the positive or negative feelings people have toward you... all these things make up your brand as a whole. I can help you create a consistent and positive brand image that is share worthy (people will talk about you) and memorable.

I HAVE AN INNATE TALENT for coming up with creative ideas. Clients have referred to me as an "idea machine" on more than one occasion. I can make you stand out from your competitors. Customers often buy more than just the product itself. Most of the time, the decision to purchase is an emotional decision.

I can uncover your business' winning card. What does that mean? It means that you may not be leveraging all of your best "brand assets". Sometimes as a business owner, you are unaware that you have everything you need to be successful. I can identify those unused brand assets so they can start working for you.

I HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. I am enthusiastic and can get really excited about things! I will be there to support, guide and leave you feeling pumped up! I will be your ally. This is your time. Let's begin!